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Om3heart Omega-3 is Omega-3 derived from chosen Marine Fish Oil that is free from pollution and contamination so it is safe for consumption. In addition, Om3heart Omega-3 is produced in the USA and processed with modern technology to produce easy-to-swallow MINI CAPSULES with HIGH CONCENTRATE Omega-3.

Product Description

Omega 3 is a fatty acid that is needed by the body, but cannot be made by our body, but can only be obtained from the food we eat or from supplements.

Om3heart Omega-3 is an Omega-3 supplement derived from Marine Fish Oil in a choice that is free from pollution and contamination so it is safe for consumption. Om3heart Omega-3 is produced in America using modern technology so as to produce MINI CAPSULES that are easy to swallow while maintaining a HIGH CONCENTRATE OMEGA-3 content, so there is no need to add a dose than usual.

Om3heart Omega-3 is a dietary supplement, so it is safe for consumption in the long term.
Omeheart Omega-3 can also be consumed by all ages, because every age needs omega-3:

Children -> for brain and eye development
Adults to maintain cholesterol, heart health and eye health
Elderly -> to maintain memory, maintain cholesterol and heart health

- Mini Capsules so easy to swallow
- High Concentration -> even though it's a mini capsule, Om3heart has a high concentration of Omega-3 so there is no need to add a drink dose
- Affordable prices
- Guaranteed quality
- Sourced from chosen Sea Fish Oil  that are free from pollution and contamination
- Manufactured by a GMP certified company in America
- Has passed the US FDA and BPOM Indonesia
- Halal Capsules
- Easy to get

- Use Om3heart Omega-3 Routine every day can help lower cholesterol, maintain heart health, brain health, eye health and body health.

- Om3heart Omega-3 contains 600 mg Fish oil with 50% Omega-3 content (EPA 180 mg and DHA 120 mg)

- Om3heart Omega-3 comes in 2 packages, which are 30 SoftCapsules and 60 SoftCapsules.

Om3heart Omega-3 Available at:
Offline Store: Alfamart, Indomaret, Alfamidi, Indogrosir, Guardian, Watsons, Century, Boston, Carrefour, Lion Superindo, Giant, hypermarkets, supermarkets, pharmacies and other drug stores
Online Store : Ultra Sakti Official Store at Tokopedia, Shopee and Lazada


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