About Ultrasakti

img aboutFounded in 1977, PT. Ultra Sakti was just an ordinary pharmaceutical company that produces standardized medicinal drugs, all of which were run conventionally, and almost without any marketing activities.

In the year 2010, everything changed expeditiously when the ownership of Ultra Sakti was transferred to new management, and with a new direction that consists of reliable professionals who are more active, dynamic, aggressive, and innovative, with also experience in producing and marketing leading health products, PT. Ultra Sakti flourished rapidly. A transformation that brought new energy and new enthusiasm, to welcome a new era to actualize a leading company in the health sector. The initial breakthrough that immediately catapulted the name of PT. Ultra Sakti is the launch of FreshCare product. FreshCare is the first aromatherapy oil in roll-on packaging that is marketed in a modern and creative way.

In 2012, PT. Ultra Sakti acquired TresnoJoyo, a leading traditional medicine with Eucalyptus Oil, Telon oil, and honey products. In addition to expanding the product line, this acquisition is also to reinforce the mission of PT. Ultra Sakti to become a leading manufacturer of medicines in Indonesia.

The new management of PT. Ultra Sakti fully understands that the pharmaceutical industry is part of a very dynamic global market that needs swift response and creative innovation to face these challenges. A critical approach in identifying the needs of consumers is needed to answer suitable market needs. This is the company's responsibility and commitment to always deliver innovative, efficient products with high-quality standards. With determination, hard work and commitment, innovation, and total creativity, PT. Ultra Sakti is not only widely accepted, but truly becomes a product sought and needed by the public. The following are the brands of PT. Ultra Sakti in addition to the famous FreshCare and became the top of mind of the consumer: Madu TJ, Hotin Cream, Telon TresnoJoyo, Wellmove, Omeheart, and many more.

As one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in Indonesia, PT. Ultra Sakti is always committed to producing high-quality products that fulfil international standards. Occupying more than 4 hectares of land, the PT Ultra Sakti’s factory and warehouse is located in the Pulogadung industrial area, as well as in the Narogong area of ​​Bekasi, with facilities that are fully equipped with international standards. From laboratories to modern equipment for every process of production, mixing, filling, packaging, and labelling, as well as the most advanced water treatment facility in compliance with the environmental standards. CPOB certification (Cara Pembuatan Obat yang Baik) CPOTB certification (Cara Pembuatan Obat Tradisional dengan Baik), as well as halal certification from MUI, are proofs of Ultra Sakti's commitment in implementing a strict quality system so that every product manufactured can be a beneficial to the wider public.

PT. Ultra Sakti team consists of dozens of pharmacists, engineers, food technology experts, and other professionals. They thrive in their excellent teamwork on all fronts. They are experts in not just producing leading products, but they also excel in producing innovative outcomes that can meet market needs, in the current time and in the future.

In a brief time since 2010, several Ultra Sakti products have received recognition and awards from credible institutions for years, such as Top Brand, Super Brand, Social Media Award, Halal Award, Indonesia Original Brand Award, and Indonesia Best Brand Award. Ultra Sakti, uncompromising excellence, commitment to care.